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Search Engine Optimization – you’ve heard of that term and know it’s valuable for your business but it seems awfully confusing to get right? Maybe you’ve even heard some scary stories about scammy online marketing tactics and “experts” who take advantage of the fact that you don’t know what they are talking about. SEO doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of and there is nothing shady about helping Google understand what your website or online shop is about so your potential clients and customers will find you in their search.

Over 9 years ago I started helping small businesses and startups understand SEO and improve their chances of ranking in Google. Since then, conditions have changed immensely and SEO is indeed getting more complicated. However, I believe everyone can understand what it’s all about if SEO is explained with transparency and simple words. Some requirements needs technical knowledge but I’ll gladly figure it out with your web designer. Also, there are various improvements you can fix by yourself with a little guidance. I’d love to prove to you that SEO is manageable and show you how you can improve your unpaid traffic from Google.

If you’re passionate about your business, don’t expect fast results (that’s something SEO can’t do for you) and are willing to work on your online goals with creativity and a long-term vision, we might be a good match. Not sure if I’m the right SEO specialist for you? Let's get on a no-strings-attached call!


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    Do you want more potential clients and customers to find you on Google? Need more local visibility for your store or service-based business? I’m here to help.

    Customized SEO for you!


    Do you want to understand what SEO is all about and how you can fix things yourself? I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

    Learn from me!


    Do you want to learn SEO basics or advanced techniques to help you DIY your SEO? Copywriting, technical settings - I'll teach you what you need to know!

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I’ve worked with Ilga for the past year and it has been a joy and pleasure. I have seen her manage hers, and others’ time exceptionally well. She is a SEO ninja and a strong communicator. She has thrown all her energy and enthusiasm into every new project of my company as if were her own. Ilga provided us with big increases in our google rankings across over 600 keywords and helped us get more organic, targeted traffic. Ilga contributed with her incredible SEO skills, ability & desire to stay up to date in the ever changing SEO world, a great can-do attitude, and an intuitively structured and methodical approach to all her work. I couldn’t recommend her service higher.

Jennifer Browarczyk Founder of Foreverly GmbH

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